De Colores Art Show


 The De Colores Art Show in Santa Paula is one of its proudest achievements. Founded by artist and activist Xavier Montes in 1995, the exhibit celebrates Latino heritage, history, and iconography. Its inclusive theme asks artists to create artwork that reflects both traditional and contemporary Latino themes. Now in its 21st year, the exhibit is a local favorite as it serves to enrich community knowledge and showcase Latino traditions, legacy and culture. 

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The 21st De Colores Art Show: In Search of Magulandia will open with a big celebration on Saturday, October 18, 2014. Featuring art by over 30 artists from across Southern California and the Southwest, the show is a tribute to the legacy of visionary Chicano artist Gilbert “Magu” Luján (1940 – 2011). Magu was a founding member of the groundbreaking Los Angeles art collective Los Four in the early 1970s. With their historic exhibition at LACMA in 1974, Los Four brought Chicano art into national conversation. Magu’s work, with its colorful blending of Chicano iconography and contemporary Los Angeles scenes, continues to inspire artists to express their own unique voice.

While famous as one of the foremost figures in Chicano art, Magu is perhaps best remembered as a friend and mentor to fellow artists like Xavier Montes, founder of the De Colores Art Show, which has been held annually in Santa Paula for over 20 years. Magu exhibited his artwork in the De Colores Art Show for many years, and also led workshops for Santa Paula students. It is Luján’s legacy of encouraging and sharing ideas with other artists that is being celebrated in In Search of Magulandia. Montes and co-curator Vanessa Acosta invited artists to create artworks inspired by their relationship with Magu. Acosta says, “We wanted many generations of Mexican-American and Chicano artists to be represented. As the show began to develop and the artists’ work began to arrive, one could not help but feel the love and respect that these artists have for their late friend Magu.”

The exhibition features artists Juliane Backmann, Armando Baeza, Grace Barraza-Vega, Anna Ríos Bermúdez, Jackie Bermúdez, David Botello, Oscar Castillo, Gayel Childress, Ray Cirerol, Paty Diaz, Ricardo Flores, Angel Guerrero, Jaime Guerrero, Wayne Healy, Maribel Hernández, Sergio Hernández, Nicholas Herrera, Pola Lopez, Heriberto Luna, Isabel Martínez, El Moisés, Mike Molina, Louie Moreno, Angel María Ortíz S., Gilbert Ortiz, Sylvia Raz, Kevin Stewart-Magee, Gregg Stone, Eloy Torrez, Mario Trillo, Manuel Unzueta, Andrea Vargas-Mendoza, Doreen Villanueva, J Michael Walker and Gerald Zwers. The show runs through February 22, 2015. 







Gayel Childress, Vanessa Frank and Rebeca Mendoza




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