One Look at Nature

The Paintings of Gail Pidduck

featured in the Great Hall

June 18 through November 6, 2016



ABOVE: "View from Ferndale" by Gail Pidduck, oil on canvas, 18 x 36 inches, Collection of the artist © Gail Pidduck. HOMEPAGE: "Oak" by Gail Pidduck, oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches, Collection of the artist © Gail Pidduck. 


­­The Santa Paula Art Museum is pleased to present “One Look at Nature: The Paintings of Gail Pidduck,” opening June 18 and on view through November 6, 2016. Gail Pidduck is one of Santa Paula’s most esteemed resident artists, and her much-anticipated solo show features over 50 breathtaking new works, all of which explore the beauty of nature and the local landscape.

Gail Pidduck describes herself as a ruralist painter. Born and raised on a ranch in Santa Paula, Gail spent much of her youth exploring nearby fields and orchards. Pidduck’s early experiences have greatly influenced her perspective as an artist. In creating this exhibition, Gail was inspired by both the large and small parts of nature in her home area. The resulting group of works features sweeping views of mountains and valleys, and smaller studies of birds, cacti, flowers, and fruit.

One Look at Nature also features works by artists that Pidduck greatly admires including Marla Frazee, Henry Graumlich, Lettre Sauvage, John Nichols, Michelle Onstot, Nate Pidduck, Chris Provenzano, Michael Rohde, Chuck Spink, Sylvia Torres, Regina Vorgang, Judith Wilson Weldon, Jackson Wheeler, and George Wilson. With their inclusion, Gail hopes to convey that there is more than one way to create, and more than one way to look at the beauty of the world.



The Art of Aviation

featured in the Douglas Shively Memorial Gallery

July 16 through October 16, 2016



HOMEPAGE: "Aerial Perspective" by Sparkle Taylor, oil on canvas panel, 12 x 16 inches, Collection of the artist © Sparkle Taylor. ABOVE: "Piper Cherokee" by Eul Hurley, oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches, Collection of the artist © Eul Hurley.


“The Art of Aviation,” a group art exhibition produced in partnership with the Aviation Museum of Santa Paula, celebrates the magic of flight and the significance of aviation in the story of Ventura County. Santa Paula is proud to be home to the oldest airport in Ventura County. Santa Paula Airport was established in 1930, and is world-renowned for its antique aircraft and the famous pilots who have chosen to fly there, including Pancho Barnes, Charles Lindbergh, and Chuck Yeager. The Art of Aviation illustrates the many aspects of aviation through art – from airplanes and pilots to airports and aerial views. Many of the scenes on display were painted on location at the Santa Paula Airport. 

The group exhibition features artworks by over 30 artists, including Susanne Belcher, Sharon Brooks, John Brown, L.T. Bunning, Douglas Castleman, Janice Dickenson, Bernadette DiPietro, Bruce Everett, Katie Fagan, Barbara Gassner, Ray Harris, Sergio Hernandez, Eul Hurley, Kathy Ikerd, Laquisha Jennings, Natalie Kelly, Norman Kirk, Chuck Kovacic, Beverly Lazor, Karen Lewis, Patricia O’Hearn, Dorothy Orr, Anette Power, Mark Rubin, Libby Smith, Sparkle Taylor, Jane Thorpe, Kevin Turcotte, Nina Warner, Karen Winters, and James Wisnowski.





The 23rd De Colores Art Show (JURIED OPEN CALL)


October 22 through January 29, 2017


The Ninth Annual Art About Agriculture (JURIED OPEN CALL)


November 12 through February 26, 2017



Featured always are selections from the permanent collection.








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