Current Exhibitions

Common Ground: Meredith Brooks Abbott, Susan Petty, and Gail Pidduck

March 2, 2019 through July 7, 2019

Three of the most popular female artists living and working in Ventura County today have joined forces for Common Ground, an extraordinary exhibition currently on view at the Santa Paula Art Museum. Artists Meredith Brooks Abbott, Susan Petty, and Gail Pidduck have a lot in common, most especially the love they have for their ranches and gardens - scenes that they have put to paint and graphite for this show. All of the works in the exhibition are for sale.

Abbott, Petty, and Pidduck are all award-winning artists with long-established careers whose works belong to public and private collections nationwide. Each of the three women has built her present home and studio on a ranch not far from where she grew up – Meredith in Carpinteria, Susan in Ventura, and Gail in Santa Paula. And while each woman looks to her own garden and immediate landscape for inspiration, differences in soil and preference mean a great deal of variety in their shared exhibition. Abbott’s impressionistic paintings are overgrown with persimmons, eucalyptus blossoms, and copa de oro. Petty’s detailed compositions blossom in her painted and drawn lemon branches, hollyhocks, and birds’ nests. Pidduck’s recent experiments with light and dark come to life in her painted sunflowers, roses and freesias. In this show, three artists’ common love for nature has resulted in an uncommonly beautiful collection of artworks. Common Ground will be on view March 2, 2019 through July 7, 2019. 

Face of California

May 18, 2019 through September 15, 2019

Face of California features works of art by 33 artists that seek to capture the "face" of California, depicted in mediums as diverse as the state they endeavor to represent. In giving a face to California, the featured artists have created a vast array of images that evoke California’s character - its places, people, ideas, and stories. Exhibit viewers will see everything from San Buenaventura’s historic neon sign painted in oils, to a uniquely stylized view of LAX. There are pastel drawings of succulents, Santa Cruz Island, and the Sierra Nevada alongside photographic portraits of Thomas Fire survivors, suburban Santa Clarita, and surfers waiting to catch the next wave. It is a show equally and as wonderfully varied as the California landscape. All of the artworks in the exhibition are available for purchase.

Face of California features art by Jayne Behman, Betsy Bland, John Brown, Shannon Celia, Raymond Cuevas, Duane Dammeyer, Ted Dayton, Belinda Del Pesco, Michael Kenneth Depue, Mardilan Lee Georgio, Raymond Harris, Gail Hercher, Eul Hurley, Margaret Hyde, Kathy Ikerd, Pamela Ingwers, Joseph Jasik-Drdol, Wana Klasen, Judy Klement, Andrew Laenen, Didi Martin, Jose Galvan Martinez, Yolande McAlevey, Roxie Ray, John Robertson, Viktoria Romanova, Pam Strautman, Sparkle Taylor, Jane Thorpe, Sharon Weaver, Elizabeth White, Michael Wood, and Chris Zambon. The exhibition will be on view through September 15, 2019.

Celebrating Teaching Artists

May 18, 2019 through July 7, 2019

Celebrating Teaching Artists is a fun and diverse display that shines a well-deserved spotlight on the Santa Paula Art Museum's accomplished teaching artists - those individuals who share their creative talents and knowledge through classes at the Museum’s Cole Creativity Center. The exhibit features teaching artists Karen Scott Browdy, Jodi Bogart, Ray Harris, Gail Hercher, Judee Hauer, Mary-Gail King, Wana Klasen, Lala Konrath, Kasia Lisowska, Jessica Luna, Lisa Mahony, Marianne McGrath, Anita McLaughlin, Matilda Morrison, and Lynne Okun.