Current Exhibitions

Golden State Splendor by the California Art Club

July 15, 2017 through November 5, 2017

Golden State Splendor is presented by the California Art Club and spotlights the artwork of 55 contemporary-traditional artists who have created a variety of scenes to visually tell the story of California's natural beauty and diverse neighborhoods. The imagery includes awe-inspiring seascapes and sweeping landscapes, as well as famous and not-so-famous structures. The show features many outstanding works that continue the California Art Club’s long history of documenting the California experience in paintings and sculpture.

The California Art Club was established in 1909 by early California Impressionists or plein air painters, and is recognized as one of the oldest, largest and most active leading professional art organizations in the world. The mission of the Club is to promote traditional fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture; produce and promote art exhibitions that foster greater understanding of traditional art heritage and California history; and furnish educational opportunities in the fine arts.

All of the exhibiting artists are members of the California Art Club. They include Peter Adams, Reza Alhosseini, Suzie Baker, Jannene Behl, Nanette Biers, Catherine Bobkoski, Michael Bowes, Catherine Boyer, Linda Brown, Marcia Burtt, Larry Cannon, Val Carson, Shannon Celia, Christopher L. Cook, Don Crocker, Raymond Cuevas, Laura Culver, Steven Curry, Chick Curtis, Karl Dempwolf, Bridget Duffy, Lee Edwards, Bernard Fallon, Mark Farina, Kathy Gillis, Meisha Grichuhin, Joel Heger, Carolyn Hesse-Low, Debra Holladay, Robert Impellizzeri, Pamela Ingwers, Michelle Jung, Linda Kidd, Chuck Kovacic, Paul Kratter, Simon Lok, Lisa Mozzini-McDill, Don Munz, Michael Obermeyer, Terumi Paganini, Davis Perkins, Gail Pidduck, Anette Power, Richard H. Probert, Robin Purcell, Mardie Rees, Jeff Remmer, Junn Roca, Dan Schultz, Frank Serrano, W. Jason Situ, Tara Sood, Wayne Waller, Laura Wambsgans and Marilyn Wear.

Pilot's Discretion: Aerial Photos by Bill Dewey

June 17, 2017 through October 15, 2017

This summer, the Santa Paula Art Museum is looking at art from a completely new perspective. Pilot's Discretion: Aerial Photos by Bill Dewey is an exhibition of aerial photographs by the Santa Barbara artist. As a private pilot and professional photographer, Bill Dewey's images are captured from the cockpit of his Cessna 172. His photographs reveal extraordinary bird’s-eye views of the California landscape, filled with unique compositions, patterns and color palettes.

Bill Dewey has been photographing the California landscape since the early 1970s. He has had a photography studio in Santa Barbara for over 30 years and bases his aerial photography out of Santa Barbara airport. Dewey’s solo show will feature some of his favorite scenes, ranging from the Sierras to the Santa Clara River Valley. The exhibition also includes a video interview with the artist as well as in-flight footage of the photographer at work. Pilot’s Discretion runs through October 15, 2017.

Future Exhibitions

The 24th De Colores Art Show

October 21, 2017 through January 28, 2018

The 10th Annual Art About Agriculture

November 11, 2017 through February 25, 2018

Call to Artists available June 2017