Current Exhibitions

The Eleventh Annual Art About Agriculture

November 10, 2018 through February 24, 2019

The Eleventh Annual Art About Agriculture will open with a premiere party on Saturday, November 10, 2018, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Admission to the premiere party is $10 for museum members and $15 for non-members.

Art About Agriculture is presented annually by the Ag Art Alliance, a collective formed in 2007 by photographer John Nichols and painter Gail Pidduck. The purpose of the exhibit is to promote awareness of agriculture by exploring its many facets through art - from workers to water, machinery to fields, to the food that goes on our plates. When John and Gail hung their first exhibit of art about agriculture eleven years ago, they knew that Ventura County would be fertile ground for it and future exhibits centered on the diverse aspects of agriculture. They sensed that the general public would appreciate having a better understanding of the complex topics and issues that affect our local landscape. Art is valuable in getting people to stop and look, to think more deeply, and eventually to grow and change. An unexpected joy for Nichols and Pidduck has been to watch the number of artists who choose to approach agriculture as a subject continue to grow each year. Art About Agriculture is about artists and museums working together to improve the planet.

The group exhibition features art by Ramona Andrews, Kit Boise-Cossart, Kent Butler, Shannon Celia, Janice Chan, Chris Chapman, Nellie Cusworth, Mike Depue, Dean Detrick, Jr., Robert Diehl, Gabriel Selvaggio Dordetti, Duane Eells, Celeste Evans, Bruce Everett, Katie Fagan, Gail Faulkner, Neva Felino, John Fielder, Pausha Foley, Marian Fortunati, Richard Franklin, Valerie Freeman, Juan Carlos Gonzales, Joy Gonzalez, Michael Hardison, Ray Harris, Gail Hercher, Carlos Heredia, Lance Higgins, Eul Hurley, John Iwerks, Wana Klasen, Doris Kleemann-Fischer, Bev Lazor, Karen Lewis, Renate Lichter, Leslie Lloyd, George Lockwood, Eileen Maloney, Yolande McAlevey, Joe Milazzo, Dennis Newell, Betty Nguyen, Gina Niebergall, Dorothy Orr, Anette Power, John Robertson, Pete Ruiz, Becky Savell, Karen Scott Browdy, Victor Schiro, KC Spink, Pam Strautman, Todd Swart, Bonnie Taylor, Myra Toth, Adon Valenziano, Trevor Walker, Nina Warner, Aaron Wilder, Michael Wood, Chris Zambon, and Kay Zetlmaier. Art About Agriculture is on view through February 24, 2019.

The Wall: Boundaries Between and Within Us

October 20, 2018 through January 27, 2019

With the idea of a wall being built along the U.S.-Mexico border occupying much of American political discourse today, the Santa Paula Art Museum’s original, group exhibition The Wall: Boundaries Between and Within Us explores the nature of walls and boundaries - lines that define, surround, protect, divide, include, and exclude whether they are real or imagined, explicit or implicit. The 23 artists selected for the exhibition have each interpreted the subject in a unique way: the walls depicted are physical, historical, social, cultural, political, personal and more. In addition to the walls themselves, the artworks call into question our relationships to them - are we builders or wreckers? inside or outside? confined or liberated? The show invites you to consider and confront the walls that shape us individually and collectively.

The Wall: Boundaries Between and Within Us includes art in a variety of two and three-dimensional media by artists Andrew Ackerman, Brian Berman, Chris Chapman, Jenny Crosswhite, Harvey Cusworth, Nellie Cusworth, Frances Elson, John Fielder, Abigail Gallup, Faith Hagenhofer, Ray Harris, Sophia Harris, Judy Heimlich, John Iwerks, Lala Konrath, Rhonda Magnus, Dana Mano-Flank, Betty Nguyen, Patricia O’Hearn, Jeff Remmer, John Robertson, Viktoria Romanova, and Therese Verner. The exhibition is on view through January 27, 2019. During the run of the show, Lynn Holly, resident curator of the Santa Barbara Center for Arts, Science and Technology, will give a lecture on The Nature of Walls on Thursday, January 10, 2019, at 2:00pm at the Santa Paula Art Museum.