Art About Agriculture Poetry Reading

On January 27, 2018, Ventura County Poet Laureate Phil Taggart hosted a poetry reading at the Santa Paula Art Museum. Each of the 20 local poets who performed wrote original poetry in response to the theme and artworks featured in the Museum's 10th Annual Art About Agriculture exhibition. You can watch the reading in its entirety below. People speaking/reading are in this order: Phil Taggart, John Nichols, Amy Uyematsu, Henry Graumlich, Anita McLaughlin, Perie Longo, Ann Buxie, Ricardo Means Ybarra, George Yatchisin, Nina Clements, Becky Sanvictores, Claudia Reder, David Starkey, Edwin Donegal, Mary Ann McFadden, Chryss Yost, Bruce Willard, Corinne Contreras, Zayan Reza, Florence Weinberger, Marsha de la O