Renovation of the Cole Creativity Center Begins

The Santa Paula Art Museum is excited to be expanding its footprint to include an existing building located next door to the current museum site. Once renovation is completed in mid-2018, the second building will provide much needed space for the Museum's growing collections and educational programs. Offering a variety of classes and programs for both children and adults, the Cole Creativity Center aims to strengthen our community through shared experiences in the arts.

Renovation of our second building began in October 2017 under the direction of construction firm Colborn and Associates. They have been tasked with a variety of improvement projects including demolition, electrical updates, and removal of a dropped ceiling to expose existing windows and natural light. In effect, the renovation team will be transforming the mid-century building into a safe and accessible space where every adult and child in our community will be welcome to learn, share and create.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the future "creative space" inside the Cole Creativity Center.

Above: Check out the renovation's progress by scrolling through the images above.

Construction of the Cole Creativity Center is set to be completed by mid-2018 and the Museum is inviting members of the public to help put the finishing touches on the new building. Anyone who makes a donation toward the renovation project will become a member of the Creators Circle. Creators Circle members will be recognized as having helped to build the Cole Creativity Center and their names will be featured in a permanent art installation to be hung in the lounge of the Cole Creativity Center. Donors can also memorialize or honor the name of a loved one with their donation.

  • A donation of any amount up to $100 = name featured on a 5" circle
  • A donation of $250 = name featured on an 8" circle
  • A donation of $500 = name featured on a 10" circle
  • A donation of $1,000 = name featured on a 12" circle

Above: A sketch of the donor wall art installation. Click to enlarge.

The Cole Creativity Center will come to life within the walls of the former Santa Paula Savings and Loan building built in 1954, which had in more recent years been used as office space. The building was donated to the Santa Paula Art Museum by the Lee Cole Family and will bear the family's name. Previously, Lee Cole and his children had made a significant contribution to the Museum in honor of his late wife and their mother, Jeanette Cole. Jeanette was a beloved docent and supporter of the Santa Paula Art Museum and the Museum's main exhibition building holds the title of the Jeanette Cole Art Center. Together, the Jeanette Cole Art Center and the Cole Creativity Center will form the Santa Paula Art Museum campus where visitors can both view art and make art as they travel between the two buildings. 

Additional naming opportunities are available within individual rooms of the Cole Creativity Center. Donors' names will be displayed prominently in each room in perpetuity. A floor plan and list of naming opportunities is available by clicking on the below.