Torch Girl Saves the World by Theresa Verner

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The exhibit image I chose was the image in the middle and it is named, Torch Girl Stomps the wall and Unites Families by Therese Verner. It is a mixed media piece, but it has no date for the piece. I really loved this piece because, I feel like it’s a satire for what the United States really stands for. As we can see, in the image Lady Liberty is holding a sign that says, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” but that sadly is not what we stand for. As a proud Mexican-American i can see that we stand for the complete opposite, the separation of families, making these people seem like they are the worst of the worst and we are willing to keep them out even if it means keeping them away from their family or killing them.

Bottom left: https: wikipedia, Mexico United States Border. This image was eye opening because right from above the border we can see the immense difference from Mexico and the United States. Mexico being densely populated and the United States keeping their populated areas in key areas.

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Top left:Borders, Georgetown. I Liked this image because if we look close enough we can see how many deaths this wall has caused by year, we can most definitely say that number has increased over the years and will continue to do so as history progresses.  

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Top right:This image I was not able to locate where it came from like the other images. What i can say is that this image is very powerful because the peoples expression here speak louder than words, they look scared and ashamed.

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Bottom Right: Children and Youth in History. This last image I chose because it is amazing to see that they warn the drivers of people crossing just how they would when warning a driver when to look out for animals crossing.

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