Los Ventanas, Jenny Crosswhite

Crosswhite, Por Las Ventanas, Wood, 3x5x5, pic 2.jpg
The Wall (6).jpg


The picture that i chose is “Por Las Ventanas” by Jenny Crosswhite. The material used was wood. https://www.santapaulaartmuseum.org/the-wall

The reason i  picked this one out of all the other pieces is because in her artist statement she says that the windows being so close together represent the borders within us, specifically things that are holding us back from being fully part of society. However, the windows are breakable giving meaning that overtime we can get through our personal struggles and come out stronger. The images i chose represent that strongly.

The first image i chose is a picture of a surgery. Reason i chose this is because growing up i was in and out of hospitals being sick constantly that i have had 2 surgeries. This made me miss school a lot growing up that my parents and myself included thought i wouldn’t finish high school let alone college but im at my senior year in college at age 27 so this is an accomplishment on its own. Its been an uphill battle. https://www.ericscottburdon.com/what-the-doctor-doesnt-say-before-surgery/

The second picture is the sign for anyone that is hard of hearing. The reason is for this one is because at age 7 i suddenly lost my hearing on my right ear on its own. To this day doctors dont know why it happened. However, my hearing challenges made it hard for me to understand what my teachers were saying in class that i sometimes had to ask to have things repeated back or struggled to keep up not just in class but with personal conversations with friends and family. Until last year before transferring to CSUCI thanks to medical benefits i was able to get two hearing aids that helped me do much better in school and in my personal life.


Last image is the ribbon for cerebral palasy. The reason for this is i have been diagonsed with this condition. This affects me at times on understanding simple tasks that are asked of me that i need clarification to make sure i understand what is being asked for me to do. It also affects me on how to express myself properly through speech then in writing.