On The Horizon, Dana Mano-Flank

The Wall (3).jpg

Dana Mano-Flank

On The Horizon

1. The image with the wall fence represents a stop or obstacle. Obstacles with the art piece On the Horizon is seen with the lines crossing through the image. Life throws many obstacles and challenges but one must overcome them and not let them get in the way of one’s ambition and goals. The cut off around represents hope and perseverance is important to overcome obstacles and get through those walls.   


2. The image of the rocks and stones balancing with the beach as background represents balance. For many balancing life can be difficult and some may have more on their plates than others. For myself, learning to balance school, work, motherhood, family, housework, and friendships has been a journey and when it has become difficult I put up a wall. Balance is important to have an inner peace.


3.The tortoise and the hare image represents time. In the art piece On the Horizon time is represented because the ship is going through a time journey. The story reminds me that no matter how long it takes me to accomplish something I should not compare myself to those accomplishing them sooner than me because I can be successful too, at my own time. It is not about how long it takes to get there but that you meet the goal. This race has created a wall I have learned to tear down, my goals will be accomplished at my own paste because I am my own person.