On The Horizon, Dana Mano Flank (2)

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Provide below exhibit image artist name, title, and date. Address below in 50-100 words what about these images speak to the theme you have selected to focus on.

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Dana Mano-Flank On The Horizon (mixed media)


“On the Horizon:  As we set ourselves to reach the distant horizons of all our personal voyages, we are constrained and bounded by rules. These rigid rules, like our latitude and longitude lines, bind us to what we can only see and hear now. Bending the rules, changing our lines, give us opportunities to view our voyages from new angles and find new destinations.”

I chose this image to reflect on because it really highlights the fact that everyone is on their own journey in life and although we sometimes meet people who are on a similar journey we still all have our unique borders and struggles that we are always facing and trying to overcome. Everyone's journey is different.

San Diego LGBT Pride, Pride Without Borders


I chose this image to go with this theme because being an LGBT+ person is a personal journey that has so many borders in itself. It truly is a journey which hopefully leads to self acceptance while dealing with personal borders, political borders, societal borders, etc..

Instagram post of photo taken when I completed my third year at CSUCI, Photo by Angelica Gilmore

I chose this image to include in this theme because I have many battles that I am fighting within myself while I am also on this journey to earn my Bachelor’s degree which has been challenging due to physical, financial, and mental boundaries that have been holding me back  throughout this journey. As well as trying to overcome stereotypes that say college students are supposed to be broke and have bad mental health because it’s part of the process of earning a degree and not taking our struggles seriously.

Finding Freedom Through Life's Struggles..."You Live, You Learn"
Submitted by Fiona Reilly on Tue, 03/07/2017 - 18:26


I chose this image because it highlights the fact that we can be happy and we can live a joyful life if we learn to accept our hardships and embrace our situation. This is a philosophy I have tried to practice my whole teenage and adult life. There has been very difficult things I have had to face in my life and I continuously tell myself I can let it consume me or I can choose to try to be happy. This image very much highlights my own personal journey and I am sure others can relate to it as well.